by Monica Asmodea Salgueiro Saraiva

art is my passion

… already as a child i was interested in dancing and had ballet lessons.

After school i studied Art in Lisbon and began with painting, writing novels and creating Art.

With 19, because of my “wanderlust”, i moved to Miami and was working in the travel business.

Then i moved to Italy and learned to play saxophone and cello,

loved to play roles as an actress and dancer in theatres and worked in art galleries.

These days i keep myself busy with my oil paintings, my novels and, sometimes, restoring antique furniture.

Besides i love to be with my pets in my house in Italy and to travel with my mascot Crackita.

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A journey into the magical world of wild herbs, flowers, trees and fruits, learning about them, collecting them and transforming them into recipes that are good for our health.

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